Introducing ...

Followers of Jesus School

      What kind of education do you want for your child? Our Parent Handbook states, "Followers of Jesus School is operated by the Followers of Jesus Mennonite Church for the purpose of providing a quality, Bible-based, character-building education for the benefit of our church families and other interested families." More specifically, that means several things to us.

(1) We are concerned that each child learn to know Jesus Christ as his/her own personal Lord and Savior.

(2) We believe that students need to grow in faith, learning how to live lives of integrity and make godly choices in our secular, urban society.

(3) FJS is a Mennonite School with its roots in the Anabaptist movement of the reformation. We unapologetically teach our Anabaptist distinctives of a life that is non-conformed to the world and endeavors to live at peace with all mankind.

(4) We provide a quality, basic academic education which prepares students for college entrance or employment after high school.

       FJS is a multi-cultural school with a multi-ethnic faculty. While 3/4 of the students have a Caribbean or Latin American heritage, the most accurate description is that most of our kids are multi-ethnic. Students also come from a variety of economic and social backgrounds. This diversity is one of the strengths of FJS as students learn to appreciate and affirm each other as the unique individuals God has made them to be.

      During the '97-98 school year we had 17 students enrolled with two teachers and several part-time staff. For the '14-'15 school year we had six full- and part-time faculty with over 50 students. We offer grades 1-12, using a combination of conventional classroom instruction and individualized learning (each child studying at his own level and pace).  We are registered with the New York Department of Nonpublic Schools.  This allows us to issue Regents Exams and Regents Diplomas. Since June 2006, most students graduating from FJS have received an NYS-approved Regents Diploma. FJS graduates are enrolled or have been accepted at Buffalo College, Buffalo University, NYU Polytech, Concordia, PACE University, St. Johns, and others.

       Families are welcome to write or call for an information packet which provides much more information about the school, as well as application materials.

NOTE: A more detailed discussion of our Mission Statement can be found on the "Weekly Letters" page under 2012-13.