Make a Donation to FJS


FJS is funded by student tuition and by charitable contributions from friends of the school.

Student tuition accounts for about 60% of the annual budget.

Charitable contributions are divided between gifts required to make up the difference between the tuition and the cost of education and student assistance.

General Contributions

FJS has been blessed by the generosity of many donors who send occasional donations both large and small. These donations fill the gap of approximately $200.00 per student between the tuition and the actual operating cost per student.

Tuition Partners

FJS provides Tuition Assistance to families who can not afford the entire tuition. Parents complete an eligibility form and are granted varying degrees of assistance based on need. In recognition of the tuition forgiveness received, families give back to the community through various forms of Community Service at the rate of one hour of service for every $10.00 of assistance received. While this Community Service does not directly benefit FJS, it is a unique opportunity for families to show appreciation to the wider community for the blessing they have received.

Tuition Partners commit to give a monthly gift, as God enables, August through July each school year, renewed annually. In return, FJS provides Tuition Partners with a photo of the child they are supporting and occasional prayer requests from the child's teacher. To become a Tuition Partner, complete the Tuition Partner Form.

Send a Donation

You may send your gift to FJS at the address below, or you can use your credit card or PayPal account to send an electronic gift to FJS. To use a credit card or PayPal, click the link below. NOTE: Page header will read "Followers of Jesus Mennonite Church," but your gift will come to the school account. Followers of Jesus Mennonite Church and School is an IRS 501(c)(3) organization. All gifts are fully tax-deductible as allowed by law.